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Anatomy of God

Vladimir Antonov 

Translated from Russian
by Mikhail Nikolenko


      On our planet there are many variations of understanding of the nature of God, of the meaning of our lives and ways of its realization. Different concepts emerged and gave birth to different religious associations of people.
      Another important point here is that people tend to distort with time the original truths received from God by substituting them with fantasies or by changing them to fit people’s selfish desires.
      Why does it happen? We discussed this topic in detail in the book [3]. In brief I can say that the reason here consists in the great spectrum of differences between people what concerns their intellectual and moral levels. The most striking religious perversions occurred in cases when the power was seized by aggressive primitives… This resulted in inquisitions, crusades, various kinds of fundamentalism when the followers were taught to seek salvation through, for example, killing of infidels…
      But all this does not mean that religion made nothing but harm to humankind. In different times in different countries there were Representatives of the Creator Who brought to people the Truth in its original purity [1]. People of primitive nature quite often tortured and killed these Divine Teachers, believing sincerely that thus they “protect the purity of faith” — their faith of primitives…

* * *
      Another important reason for fading out of the epicenters of higher religious knowledge consists in the fact that in the past on the Earth there were no advanced means of imparting and preserving intellectual information. In distant past people tried to write down their thoughts on stone tablets, on papyrus, etc. This is why next generations could not become acquainted with records made by Thoth-the-Atlantean (Hermes Trismegistus), by Pythagoras, and by other Great Ones. And even the technology of printing on paper could not solve this problem completely so that people of different countries speaking in different languages could exchange important information quickly and easily.
      At present time this task is solved thanks to the Internet and to other computer technologies. These modern technologies together with the knowledge about God accumulated by scientists, who have dedicated their lives to this task, allow now creating an all-mankind repository of knowledge containing fundamental information about the nature of God and man, about how we should live on the Earth to realize successfully God’s intent for us.

* * *
      We are not going to list and analyze here various folklore (naive, fairy-tale, pagan) ideas about God that existed and exist now in different nations. Let us begin straight away with expounding the most principal knowledge.
      It is appropriate to begin this topic with discussing the multidimensionality of space. After all, it is not mathematical reasoning but physical reality!
      Let us imagine a multi-layered pie. The layers of multidimensionality, in contrast to such a pie, differ among themselves not by the height of their location but by their place on the scale of energetical subtlety-coarseness. This is the scale of multidimensionality. The most subtle layer of the universal “pie” is the Primordial Consciousness, which is called in different human languages the Creator, God-the-Father, Jehovah, Allah, Ishvara, Tao, etc… On the opposite end of this scale there is hell — the “cesspool” of the evolutionary process. Between the Primordial Consciousness and hell there are other layers. Among them there are those containing “building material” for formation of matter (protoprakriti) and for formation of souls (protopurusha). These eons also should be cognized on the Path to Mergence with the Creator. They can be discovered when one learns to cross the Mirror, and this is possible only if one it does it from the cleansed and well-developed chakra anahata.
      I can give another example to help understand the nature of multidimensionality.
      Let us imagine a glass aquarium. Its main visible content is water. But in it there is also light, which almost does not interact with the water. Also there are energies of radio waves, which transmit information to radio receivers and to TVs. There are also energies of gravitational fields of the Earth, of the Sun, of the Moon; there are neutrinos and other flows of energies invisible to the physical eye…
      And these are present not only inside the aquarium: they are present everywhere!
      In order to explain this phenomenon to children one can give to them a portable radio receiver attuned to a certain radio frequency which they can carry in the home or can took outside. Thus children can see themselves that the electromagnetic field, which ensures receiving of the radio transmission, exists not only in the point where the receiver was attuned to it but everywhere in the space around, even outdoors.
      Moreover, one can demonstrate to children that similar fields corresponding to other radio frequencies are present everywhere; that they do not hinder each other but exist as if in their own layers of space invisible to our eyes.
      This example can be a good analogy for understanding the essence of the layers of multidimensionality.
      It is the same with real multidimensional space: spatial dimensions (which are called eons in Greek or lokas in Sanskrit) with their inhabitants (spirits of different level of development and God) are present everywhere. We are used to look only at the material plane of our existence and do not notice them. But the inhabitants of these eons see us and therefore can influence us. (Apostle Philip depicted this situation in His Gospel [1]).
      Phenomena taking place in dimensions other than the material plane cannot be seen or studied by the organs of sense of our bodies or with the help of some material tools: there is no way to move our bodies or tools there! But they can be studied very well by the consciousness developed to the necessary level.
      This does not concern the use of psychedelics, which destroy both the body and the soul! (Among followers of drug addictions there is an opinion that such substances allow one to exit to the astral plane and to study thus non-material eons. In reality in such a case, one explores only one eon, usually the eon of hell or an eon close to hell. In this situation, one cannot move from one eon to another, up to the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness. No self-development is possible in this case; there can be only degradation.)
      The correct researching activity has to be performed with the fully clear self-awareness — through the stages of ethical and energetical purification, and then through development of the consciousness with the help of the methods of its refinement and growth. All this is described in the book [2] and in our other books, also demonstrated in our films-lectures. Now let me just stress that one cannot achieve success in this work without putting emphasis on the development of oneself as a spiritual heart. There is no other possibility.

* * *
      Only primitive religious concepts depict God in the form of man or some animal! In reality, He — in the aspect of the Absolute and the Primordial Consciousness — is infinite in size and eternal. His scale is the scale of the entire universe!
      The main part of God, which is called the Primordial Consciousness or the Heart of the Absolute, can be likened to a boundless ocean. He is a boundless Ocean of Living Subtlest Consciousness existing in the deepest loka, which is called the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness. His state there can be described as Calm.
      He is not a Personality. He is a Whole of All Those Who have achieved Perfection and have merged into Him. In that sense, He is the United We, as He Himself asserts [1].
      … Love is the emotion that helps souls merge with each other.
      Having learned to love other people and all the living in the Creation, also the Creation in general, having developed ourselves as love, we can direct then our love towards the Creator. At this point we become refined and well-developed in quantitative aspect spiritual hearts. And then we infuse ourselves into Him and merge with Him in the Embrace of Love!
      This is not a beautiful fantasy or allegory. This is Reality for all Souls Who have achieved it.
      In particular it was described by Apostle Philip, a personal disciple of Jesus Christ, in His Gospel [1]. Philip — together with Jesus and some other Apostles of Jesus — is now an Integral Part of the United We.
      One can find the same idea in the Quran: addressing Muhammad, God tells about Himself using two pronouns — I and We
      Yes, He says that He is the Higher Self, the United Self, the United We. All this is true.
      It is also important to note that though we use masculine form when speaking about the Creator, the United We is composed of Divine Representatives of both sexes — according to Their last Incarnations.
      … For those who are used to regard themselves and others only as material bodies it may be hard to imagine how one can be the United We. But verily, man is not a body! Man is a self-aware energy, which is called consciousness or soul! The body is but a temporary dwelling given to every one of us for our development during the time of incarnation. The body is as if a machine that allows the soul to act, to learn, and to grow in the world of matter. And this machine is controlled by man himself, first of all.
      After disincarnation, all people cognize the reality of being a soul. But one can gain this knowledge without ceasing the incarnated existence. One can achieve this by developing oneself through the methods of buddhi yoga.
      … In the Abode of the United We there is Calm. There all the Consciousnesses are merged into One. Intensive Light and Light-Fire are manifested only as a result of Intentions directed to the Creation and Actions performed in the Creation.
      The United We possesses all the fullness of the Divine Power, which can be manifested, in particular, in control over matter, in materialization and dematerialization, in transformation of matter.
      Incarnated spiritual Masters, Who have become well established in Mergence with the United We, can manifest Themselves as Great Divine Wonder-Workers.
      Being incarnated or non-incarnated, They can come out from Their common Abode and create working sites where They work with incarnated people. There each One of Them teaches, among other things, meditative methods to incarnated spiritual seekers who have developed the ability to perceive God directly.
      Such Representatives of the Primordial Consciousness (of the United We) are called Holy Spirits. In the aggregate sense, They are called the Holy Spirit or Brahman.
      It is also appropriate to discuss here the concept of Trinity.
      What concerns God-the-Father, we have talked about Him already.
      We have also explained what the Holy Spirit is.
And every One of incarnated Representatives of God-the-Father is called Avatar, Christ, or Messiah (these words from different languages mean the same).*1
      This is what Trinity is.
      Now let us discuss the term Absolute.
      Sathya Sai Baba once told us on behalf of the United We: “The Earth is a Manifestation of My Beingness”.
      Yes, the planet where we were born and live is a multidimensional conglomeration. Its matter and material objects are one of the components of this conglomeration. Deeper on the scale of multidimensionality there are other eons, including the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness.
      From depths of multidimensionality, the Earth is seen as a structure consisting of Divine Light; it is only its outer layer (crust) that is dense and solid. Such a structure can be likened to a bud on a tree. The bud originates from the substance of the tree; it is not completely independent, not existing on its own. Despite the fact that the structure of the bud’s tissues differ from the structure of the tissues of its parent’s substance, the bud and the tree are one.
      It is the same with conglomerations of planets and stars: they do not exist on their own; they are but “buds” of the Creation produced by the Creator.
It is in this sense that one speaks about God as about the Absolute: He is Absolutely Everything, the Creator coessential with His Creation.

* * *
      In this article we have to discuss one more subject: Fiery and Light Divine Manifestations.
      Representatives of the United We come out with a Part of Themselves from Their common Abode to Their working sites in slightly different ways. Some of Them do it being fully transparent Consciousnesses; They are, for example, Huang Di, Apostle Philip, Gautama Buddha. Others create at Their working sites Mahadoubles: giant anthropomorphic Forms consisting of most tender Living Light. Such are most of Them (according to our observations). Others yet, in addition to manifesting Themselves in the form of Mahadoubles, create forms shining with bright Light-Fire, resembling the usual Sun seen from the Earth.
      Jesus called such Manifestations of Holy Spirits — looking like the Sun, bright, intense, stationary with regard to the Earth’s surface — Suns of God [4]. Their color can vary from light-goldish — to orange tint (in case of Surya) or to reddish tint (in case of Sarkar). Apart from the two mentioned Representatives of the Creator, we observed Suns of God created by Jesus, by His Apostles Mark and John, also by Sathya Sai Baba, Eagle, Assyris, Odin, Adler, Bartholomew, Ptahotep, Larisa, Sulia, Lada, Yamamata.*2
      … Every One of Holy Spirits can have several working sites, which are situated sometimes thousand kilometers from each other.
      Today we have a unique possibility for studying such an activity of Divine Teachers because Sathya Sai Baba has a material body in His Indian Ashram. This allows observing hidden aspects of work of this Great Avatar of our time, the structure of how He distributes Himself for the sake of helping incarnated people.
      He comes out from the Abode of the United We as a giant Sun of God shining from His Ashram. This is the center of His activity on the Earth. From there He stretches His numerous Divine Arms to many places on the surface of our planet. These Arms pass through the Ocean of the United We like underground fiery riverbeds. They end at larger or smaller working sites of His, where His Mahadoubles are present; we know also one of His working sites where there is a Sun of God.
      Suns of God are seen sometimes as if behind the horizon, but most often they appear to a certain degree above the surface of the Earth.
      Suns of God are boundary structures formed at places where some Representatives of the Primordial Consciousness come out from Their Abode. These are Their Atmans.
      Suns of God is one of the manifestations of the Divine Fire. (The latter can exist in forms other than Sun of God.)
      The Divine Fire created by Holy Spirits or by Avatars can be used by us for purification and healing of our bodies and for divinizing the matter of the body. This Fire is not burning for those who progress successfully on the Path to Perfection. But hellish souls (incarnated and non-incarnated) cannot withstand It.
      True spiritual warriors can place themselves in the Divine Fire not only as souls but also together with their bodies — if there is a Sun of God available for such a work. In this case they can, among other things, purify their bodies — with the help of the hands of the consciousness — from all energies coarser than the Divine Fire. Thanks to this work, bodies with their energies are purified, healed, transformed. From fully purified bodies it is much easier to enter the Divine eons. (On the contrary, this is impossible to do from the body contaminated with coarse energies).
      But it is even more prospective to become Suns of God ourselves.
      It is for this purpose that we were incarnated on the Earth! This is why God send us here!
      Let us ask ourselves: does my current way of life conform to this Path?
      And we have to remember that one should begin self-transformation with the very beginning! Where is the beginning? — One has to find it on one’s own by studying in detail the materials listed in the end of this book.
* * *
      To beg salvation from God is a completely meaningless thing. Jesus Christ taught that everyone has to cognize and master the Abode of the Creator with their own efforts (Matt 11:12; Luke 16:16).
      Also Jesus commanded: Become perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect (Matt 5:48)!
      Also: Learn (this) from Me (Matt 11:29)!
      Yes, Jesus and all Holy Spirits are glad to help every one of incarnated people. But people have to make efforts on self-development themselves!
      And there is no reason for us to regard God as our Servant who allegedly has to indulge us and save us, while we continue to live in our vices!
      God looking at people begging salvation from Him may ask: how can one save them? They do nothing to be saved! They do not follow Our recommendations — despite all Our efforts; despite, in particular, the self-sacrificial Feat of Jesus Christ Who gave to people Teachings about the Path to Our Abode! And only in this Abode one finds the true and final Salvation! By the way, is parasitism a quality that should be encouraged in people? No! They have to work on themselves! Only to such people We give Our help in abundance!
      The author of this book took heed of this truth several tens of years ago — and accepted God as his Teacher. He managed to save himself and helped many others on this path.
      … It is much more difficult to pave a way than to walk an already paved road! The road has been paved for you now! You just need to learn “the rules of the road” and to begin to move forward!…


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*1 All They teach the same truths to people. But people distort Their Teachings so that begin to wage wars among themselves because of arising differences. Members of every party in such a war believe that they “protect the true faith”. But the Knowledge taught by all the Representatives of the Creator is one and universal.
*2 You can read about Them and about other Representatives of the Creator know to us in [1].

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